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I'd like to share with you the wonderful experience I had this winter! We have had been in our home for 28 years, raising 4 children and entertaining often in those years. Entertaining was always enjoyable, but I always felt my kitchen was a 28 yr old kitchen. We had upgraded the floor and countertops about 16 yrs ago and it got us by but was nothing to look at. In November of 2007, I spoke with Ron Carrion of Carrion Home Repairs and discussed the renovation of our kitchen, I told Ron what I wanted to see and he not only made suggestions but gave me the pros and cons of my decisions. This is very helpful from a professional. The project was started on January 6th with the ripping up of our tile floor. Carrion's crew came in ripped out our kitchen entirely, removing cabinets, small walls, appliances, and the tile floor. The next step was installing some new wallboard and preparing the kitchen for the upgrades. The crew was extremely professional and cleaned up after each day's work, I was very pleased! Ron then mapped out how I wanted the kitchen, he was very open to my opinions and his sole purpose was to please me and my husband, as he said, because it was our kitchen and we should be pleased with the end product. I liked that about Carrion Home Repair, always putting the customer first. After the floor, they painted the entire area getting no paint on the new hardwood. They installed our cabinets beautifully. After the granite was installed the crew came out and finished the trim work and completed the kitchen. I can't tell you how happy I am with this huge project! Ron is a perfectionist and when it's your home that's exactly what you want! Our kitchen from start to finish took a little less than 2 months. I couldn't be happier and would recommend Carrion Home Repair to everyone who wants a perfect job! 

Maureen Worrell 

My wife and I hired Ron Carrion to repair our basement and restore our home to meet code, following a disaster. Another contractor had to come to repair water leakage into our basement, and, in the process, caused our front basement concrete block wall to collapse, causing our new home to be condemned. Mr. Carrion agreed to take on the job of repairing and waterproofing the basement. He did a great job. We were totally pleased to find a contractor who was willing to take on such a major job and could not have been happier with the outcome. This was 5 years ago and we have since hired Mr. Carrion for serveral small improvements and have had nothing but exemplary workmanship, dependability, products and clean-up, always done within the timeframe assured. 

We could not more highly recommend hiring Carrion Home Repair, Inc for any construction job. 

Jeff Wright 

Dear Mr. Ron Carrion,

I have now had sufficient time to reflect on and enjoy the work your people did on my house. It all started when I had you do the laundry room floor which had buckled from a water leak. That work was so well done, it made me comfortable to try the other dreams I had in my 23 year old house. 

Being on the water I get tremendous winds. The windows howled. Why not replace the window with one big window. As long as we're doing that, lets cut a window into my second floor bedroom wall. Both were done not only to my complete satisfaction but way beyond what I could have hoped for. 

I hated the dark of the woodwork in my house. You painted the kitchen cabinets which tied into the new Corian in the kitchen. Also the walls of the great room. Another winner! Why not paint the bedroom? Voila, it was done. 

Could you lay me a cement slab for my Generator house and my barbeque? Done and perfect. 

We are awaiting clearance from the Planning Commission to construct a second story porch. If your other work is an indication of what it will be like, it will be a masterpiece. I heard a Speech once in which the speaker, a Baptist minister, said, "You cannot pay a man for his what is his excellence; you can only thank him for it." 

I thank you for your excellent work. 
J. Richard White

We have used Carrion Home Repair, Inc for more years then I can recall. Ron has always made sure that when we scheduled for painting and minor repairs that Mike & Sam were there on time - on the day. 

Their work is professional and they take no short cuts. In addition, they are pleasant and fun to be around. We always end the commited time period (completed) with a lunch for them. They just seem like part of the Robert Morris Inn family to us. 

Wendy & Ken Gibson
Robert Morris Inn - OXford, Maryland
Owners 35 years


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